MB2 Dental Taking Care of the Head in the Headaches of Running Dental Practices

Let’s face it, haven’t we all found ourselves up all night biting into a clove or unconsciously overdosing on painkillers just to avoid visiting a dentist? Well, a few of us, no scratch that, all of us associate dentist with excruciating pain, drab office with equally blank walls and uninspired staff. No humor or life in there. MB2 is here to change that perception, according to its latest press release. MB2 Dental recently launched a video on YouTube titled “We are Dentistry,” a short documentary, that shows the lives of dentist outside their practices. Dentists are humans with passions, hobbies and happy families with a strong sense of humor and compassion. Dentists are people we can relate to and learn to look forward to their “Dates.”


Chris Steven Villanueva, a dentist, established MB2 in 2009. MB2’s core business is helping doctors manage their practices as the dentist continues with clinical aspect of treating patients. What MB2 Dental does is to help run the practice by offering dental management services. They take care of the business side of the practice while the doctors manage patients and clinical anatomy. Any sole proprietor will agree that it’s not an easy task balancing both business and offering excellent, satisfactory services to a patient, while still upholding the integrity of the profession.


Chris developed MB2 Dental based on the concept that doctors can work together to care of other physicians. The approach allows a dentist to manage another dentist practice, by offering support and growth while still growing the bottom line. Dr. Chris combines the best of the corporate and the private practice side and comes up with tailored solutions for each dental practice. MB2 takes care of nonclinical matters such as legal, Recruitment and staff management, IT, compliance, payroll, and billing, etc.


As of date, MB2 has 70 affiliate offices in 6 states and over 500 employees. MB2 Dental has its headquarters at Carrolton, Texas. In 2014, MB2 collaborated with The CDI Group and developed a Priority Dental Plan. This partnership looks at offering affordable plans for the growing no of clients that visit MB2 affiliate offices.


Chris believes that the success of MB2 lies in not micromanaging but letting both the management and employees work productively. Developing a customized IT software system is key to success in this line of business. Dr. Chris is a tech guru and is keen with technological innovations that have helped revolutionized dentistry.

Felipe Montoro Jens a Brazilian Expert in Infrastructural Project Comments about Water and Sanitation

Cleanliness is an essential aspect of every human being. Good sanitation results in the decrease of diseases caused by dirt and waste like cholera and typhoid. Lack of proper sanitation could ultimately lead to death if not well handled. As a result on radaroficial.com.br, people are more often than not advised to maintain high levels of cleanliness to keep these hazardous health crises from occurring for they affect the economy negatively.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian expert in infrastructural projects. Based on his professional opinion, Montoro is in agreement with the president of Trata Brazil on issues about sanitation concessions aimed at bringing improvements and waste reduction to the sector on checkdirector.co.uk. He emphasizes that the public provides 90% of sanitation services in Brazil, and only 70% of users access these services.

For this injustice to be put to a halt, there is need to develop action plans that suit the needs of the affected areas. To Felipe Montoro Jens, water loss is a grave disaster that hinders sanitation levels in the country. It, in turn, curtails service provisions to the public sector due to this wastage.

For improvements to be seen and felt, he believes that the private sectors with the better resources have to work in conjunction with the lowly public sector to achieve the desired sanitation levels at https://www.jusbrasil.com.br/diarios/6691392/pg-32-secao-03-diario-oficial-do-distrito-federal-dodf-de-19-07-2010. More so, the costs incurred to make these improvements are an essential factor that needs close observation and reviewing. Also, for this to work, it is imperative to maintain clear-cut goals about inspections of the on-going projects to make sure whatever is documented are being executed to the letter.

He also believes that these concessions will improve not only service provisions but also the resources, management, and structures in the sector. Felipe Montoro Jens gives emphasis in the partnership between the government and the private sectors to eradicate water and sanitation problems in Brazil.

UKV PLC Looks To Different Supply Chains To Keep Up With Demand

For a number of years the UKV PLC brand has been at the forefront of the fine wines markets across the globe, particularly in recent years as the wine marketplaces have become ever more spread across the globe as Asian and North American investors begin to play even stronger roles in the sale of fine wines.

UKV PLC remains located in London, but has expanded its reach to provide its services to millions of clients across the world who look to the experience, skills, and contacts of the brand as they seek to purchase the top quality wines available from traditional wine producing regions of Europe.

The small team of wine experts at UKV PLC have come together to create an ever expanding network of wine merchants, wineries, and vineyards who do not have any obligations to UKV PLC as a brand. Other wine merchants are often tied to a single supply chain option and are forced to choose between the wines on offer from the brand in a bid to assist their clients; UKV PLC work in a different way and have links to many of the vineyards, wineries, and wine merchants that allow any fine wines that are wanted to be sourced with as little issue as possible.

Another area where UKV PLC can be of assistance to their list of clients is in making sure a range of bonded fine wines are available at all times, UKV PLC’s experts explain bonded fine wines and champagne can cut down on taxation rates in the U.K. The U.K. has been the historic and spiritual home of the wine markets since the Middle Ages when the first vintner’s opened their doors in London, which was followed by a resurgence in the 1980s when U.K. vintner’s once again became the top forecasters of quality and price in the world.

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Upper Mountain Water Quality Statement Issued by Squaw Valley

Olympic Valley, California – After news outlets reported that E. coli and Coliform bacteria were detected in Squaw Valley upper mountain drinking water, Squaw Valley swiftly issued a statement.


Squaw Valley continuously treated the water in the upper mountain area after the report was made on Nov. 8 and immense improvements have been made since. Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health, reported that very low levels of Coliform bacteria, and no E. coli, were found in three out of four of the upper mountain wells.


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney issued an official statement promptly on Nov. 30.


A summary of the statement reads that the contaminants were due to unusual weather that caused heavy rains to hit the Placer County area in October. An upgraded water system was installed at the High Camp and Gold Coast resort over the summer, and this upgraded system was besieged by water during the torrential rains. The contamination was limited to those areas.There were never any health issues reported and the public was never exposed to the contaminated water.


The statement also goes on to say that leading water safety experts were consulted after routine testing discovered the contamination and both the Squaw Valley water district and Placer County Environmental Health were notified promptly and effectively. Experts and health officials will have to deem the water safe, by making sure normal levels have been achieved, before High Camp and Gold Coast will resume regular usage.


In closing, the statement stresses that the safety of its guests are the priority and until everything is back to normal, bottled water will be available. High Camp and Gold Coast also gave thanks to all organizations that helped with this matter.

Reliable, and Affordable Correctional Products and Services- Securus Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading organizations that has been providing civil and criminal justice solutions for public security, observation, rectification, and investigation. Recently the correctional service provider announced the challenge it has presented to its main competitor GTL. The objection is to have an independent technology judge to determine which organization offers the best product and services to the correctional facilities in the United States of America. The independent judges will also decide which group offers refined telephone services, the best customer services, and the most efficient service and product provider.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, GTL has come up with facts to show that its goods and services are more like Securus Technologies’s. Richard wants to have an independent judge who will help evaluate their products both the telephone and customer care. Smith also mentioned that it would not be fair to evaluate Securus with GTL because of the investment the company has done for the last four or so years. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology said his firm had invested more than $700 to develop their technology, acquire companies, and also technology development, while on the other hand, their rival company GTL has spent just a small amount on the named areas.


  • Securus mentioned that it knows GTL’s products and it had the following statement for their product as well as services comparison.
  • Securus Technologies uses a larger set of product and services for their clients.
  • Securus has its domestic call center that is personnel by its employees and has call answers performance of about 600% than GTL.
  • Securus Technologies has created one of the world’s largest voice over Internet protocol calling program.
  • GTL has been contracting technicians from outside to carry out most of their work, while Securus has well-experienced technicians.

Securus have previously talked to clients who have left GTL, and according to them, Securus offers best customer services and products which are affordable and reliable.

Todd Lubar the Leader in Many Fields

Todd Lubar, the President of TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, is a businessman who has interests in many different industries. While his career pointed mostly to the mortgage industry, he has been involved in real estate, recycling, demolition and nightclub industries. He has done well in the mortgage field that he has been named country’s top twenty-five mortgage originators severally.

In 1995, Todd Lubar started his venture into the real estate; he developed relationships with people who could come in handy with his business like real estate agents. Mr. Lubar opened the Legendary Properties, LLC as a step forward to his real estate venture; Legendary Properties made profits mainly by purchasing, rehabilitation, and selling.

Todd Lubar opened Charter Funding, and it became one of the largest mortgage companies that are privately owned in the US. Later, Todd opened Legendary Financial LLC; Mr. Lubar came to the aid of borrower who could not be assisted by the other lending sources, he used his funds and Legendary Properties liquidation to help.

Mr. Lubar got into demolition industry, and he was able to get contacts from major contracting firms in the country; he also got into automotive scrap recycling business. The company later started trading in the public market.

Todd Lubar graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Speech Communication at the Syracuse University; before joining the University, he had previously attended The Peddie School. After college he took a job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and in 1999, he then moved to Legacy Financial group where he was a big help to the growth of the Maryland office. He took the Senior Vice President position at Charter Funding in Arizona in 2005 and worked with them to 2007.

Todd Lubar is a great business man and wants to be of help to people who need his assistance. He loves to spend time with his children and traveling; Todd has always aimed at being a better person than he was yesterday and to add value to everyone that he meets along the way.

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Article Source: http://citrite.org/appreciating-the-illustrative-career-of-todd-lubar/

A Revolutionary Clinical Trial Aimed to Cure Multiple Sclerosis

The results from a new clinical trial have proven extremely beneficial in the world of medicine. It has provided news that a high-dosage of immunosuppressive therapy that is followed by a transplant of a person’s very own stem cells can create a remission of MS- multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that targets the central nervous system. The results showed that five years after treatment, about sixty-nine percent of the clinical trial participants, survived. These participants survived without experiencing any relapse of multiple sclerosis symptoms or disability progression. The clinical trial volunteers didn’t take medications for multiple sclerosis.

The clinical trial was sponsored by the NIAID, which is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In 2014, the researchers of this clinic trial published their results. Currently, their results for five years is online in a medical journal, called Neurology. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis vary. These symptoms can include difficulty is speech, fatigue, weakness and pain. The form of multiple sclerosis that is most common is called, relapsing-remitting. Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis is characterized as periods of mild to no symptoms with periods of relapses or flare-ups.

The treatment that was given to these individuals aimed to suppress the disease, while preventing ongoing disability. The treatment removed cells that caused the disease and reset the immune system. The treatment consisted of doctors collecting stem cells from the participant and giving them a high dosage of chemotherapy, which is used to deplete the immune system. Then they insert the participant’s stem cells, which is used to rebuild their immune system.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a New Jersey neurologist that is affiliated with Kennedy University Hospital. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has 40 years of experience in neurology. In 1979, the neurologist completed his studies at Government Medical College. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta was resident at Boston City Hospital.

In addition to specializing in neurology, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta also specializes in psychiatry. His practice is located in Voorhies, NJ. The neurologist is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and holds his NJ State Medical License. Lastly, he is a practicing member of the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Association.