Aloha Construction has you Covered

Aloha Construction is a family owned construction company founded by Dave Farbkay in 2008. Although based in Lake Zurich Illinois, they serve customers in both the greater Illinois and the southern Wisconsin area.

Aloha Construction has built its reputation on prompt, reliable service in cases of damages due to storm, high winds or hail. The repair and replacement of gutters, fascia and siding are included amongst the many services they offer. Another feature is the free property inspections. The inspections are useful in situations where property owners need to make sure that damages to their property are covered by their insurance carrier.

Aloha Construction’s trademark nine-step inspection policy is worth mentioning here as well. Issues involving flashing, attic ventilation and shingles can be effectively diagnosed through this rigorous inspection process. Once work is completed, the results are protected by Aloha Construction’s ten-year craftsmanship guarantee

Vinyl siding and gutter maintenance services are also offered by Aloha Construction. Every employee is a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer as trained by the Vinyl Siding Institute. Employees are also trained to spot and fix problems with gutter systems, an important yet often overlooked aspect of building repair as a malfunctioning gutter system can compromise the strength and stability of the building’s foundation.

Due to their transparency and accountability, in 2017, Aloha Construction were awarded with the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. With Aloha Construction, you can rest assured that your property is in capable hands and that your trust will not be abused.

How Doe Deere Starts Her Day

The renowned queen of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is one of the extraordinary people you can ever come across. She is the typical example of those people who rise from grass to grace. Born in Izhevsk, Russia, Doe Deere moved to the United States to pursue her music career, little did she know that she would become one of the leading makeup gurus in the U.S. Although she was not new to makeup, Deere admits that she has achieved more than she had thought of. Her passion for entrepreneurship started way back in grade school when she started selling tattoos to her classmates.


After moving to the United States and settling in New York, Deere joined the Sky Salt band where she met her husband, Mark. Doe says she always had a desire to own a company, but she had not exactly figured out where to start. It was her childhood memories and desire for makeup which drove her into the cosmetic world. With her husband Mark as the current president of the company, the two have continued to revolutionize the makeup industry hence building the reputation of the company. The company has a cult-like following because of the kind of products it offers to its clients.


Her Morning Routine


There’s always a perception that successful people wake up very early in the morning and work very hard to achieve their greatness. However, for Doe Deere, her morning routine is as normal as those of other people. She usually wakes up at around 8.30 without delay. She says that she has gotten used to her routine to the extent of doing it unconsciously. She doesn’t require an alarm clock to wake up. Taking a glass of water and stretching a bit are some of the first things she does immediately after getting out of bed.


Makeup Routine


Doe Deere can’t do without her makeup routine. To her, it has become more of a ritual. Since she always takes a shower at night, by morning, her hair is usually dry and ready to curl them to bring out her signature look. She also washes her face and moisturizes it before applying foundation. She does all this while listening to her favorite soft music. Deere has two little cats she loves spending time with and treats them like her babies. She usually gets to her office at around 12:00 pm, takes her lunch and attends meetings until 6:00 pm. Learn more:


Dr. Mark Holterman: Helping Support Dreams

Dr. Mark Holterman is many things. He is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, as well as CEO of Mariam Global Health. He has maintained both positions for the past five years.


As a medical specialist, Dr. Mark Holterman is passionate about a few organizations at support causes in the medical field. One organization that Dr. Holterman supports is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


The International Pediatrics Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam’s goal is to improve pediatric medical treatment for the children of Vietnam. The organization works to provide necessary supplies and other supplies to medical personnel.


The IPSAC-VN also supports their local resident’s dreams of working in the medical field by providing scholarships through its International Scholar Program (Doctors.HealthGrove). The program allows them to further their education at select institutions in the United States.


The scholars are provided with funding for traveling to the United States, and they get hosted to gain experience in medical research or in clinical examinations at a medical institution. After the program ends, the scholars speak to supporters of the International Scholar Program about using the knowledge they gained to help their local medical community in Vietnam.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, and The Children’s Hospital Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center. Dr. Holterman is also a member of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics, amongst other organizations. He specializes in pediatric surgery and conducts research on regenerative medicines, stem cell therapies, obesity, and novel cancer treatments.


Dr. Mark Holterman earned his degree in biology from Yale University and his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia ( He then went on to complete his residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences focusing on general surgery. Also, completed a fellowship at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center through the University of Washington in pediatric surgery.


George Soros Backs Challenger in Maricopa Sherriff Showdown

George Soros has not been known to sit quietly by when he could instead engage in a political fight. In the case of electing a new sheriff in Arizona’s Maricopa County, Soros spent millions to remove a controversial figure and take a stand for civil rights.

The Soros-backed PAC Maricopa Strong, set out on a mission to take down Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to finance documents, the billionaire investor has been able to recruit the financial backing from John and Laura Arnold, energy billionaires from Texas, and Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs, who’ve collectively given nearly $1 million.

This isn’t the first time Soros has thrown money into a smaller election. Though known for donating to President Barrack Obama’s runs, and most recently in support of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Soros has spent the past couple of years funding Democrat candidates for attorney general in Harris County, Houston, Texas, Gilpin and Jefferson counties in Denver, Colorado, and in Maricopa County, in an effort to remove Republicans from the criminal justice systems in those states.

Those electoral backings may have gone unnoticed by cable news, but the race in Maricopa County has captured national interest. Arpaio is something of a conservative darling, despite having a history of being served lawsuits and investigated for abuses of civil rights that target local immigrant and minority communities. Right-leaning media outlets coming to the aid of Arpaio have taken the opportunity to cast George Soros as something of a shadowy influence.

Meanwhile, Maricopa Strong has spent nearly $3 million in TV ads in support of Democrat Paul Penzone, and taking some time to point out the failure of Arpaio’s tenure, especially his unwillingness to properly investigate a slew of sexual assaults. Arpaio, however, has chosen to ignore his challenger and spend his media dollars going after Soros with conspiracy theories as his evidence. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Micheal Vachon, a Soros Spokesperson, stated that similar attacks against Soros’ character haven’t deterred him from supporting candidates like Penzone in an effort to correct the gross miscarriage of justice that became routine under Arpaio’s decades as Sheriff. Furthermore, an opportunity to speak out in defense of the immigrant community in the United States has always been something that Soros always takes seriously. The point of Maricopa Strong is to use Soros’ donations and those of like-minded people to limit the influence of hateful rhetoric and intolerant political practice one county at a time if need be.

Arpaio has admirer’s with deep pockets as well. His own reelection efforts have netted upwards of $2.8 million, and his name recognition has assured him airtime on conservative media with some regularity to discuss issues beyond Maricopa County.

Having national media in your corner and millions in campaign funds is typically a winning combination, but current polling puts Penzone ahead.

In addition to voter support, Penzone finds support from established politicians returning to Arizona, like Rep. Ruben Gallego, a fellow Democrat who backed Penzone’s initial run in 2012. Though outspent in that election, Penzone feels the support coming together this time around. Learn more on about George Soros.