Set-Up For Success

Clayton Hutson has emerged in the spotlight of the technical production side of the music industry. With a resume including names like Prince and Kid Rock, he has become known for his unaltered determination for perfection in the attending audience’s experiences. After being employed by different companies, Hutson eventually decided to begin his own private tour production company. He has since become a major name among a multitude of artists and has recently completed successful projects, such as OneReublic’s Honda Civic Tour. But, success is earned with dedication and hard work, and sometimes a few setbacks.

Hutson began his passion for technical design at Central Michigan University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He also obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, which would prove beneficial when running his own company. After graduation, Hutson began to learn every aspect, whether good or bad, of technical production and from these employments would discover what was actually needed to exceed current audience and artist expectations.

While in his early career, Hutson would experience different harsh realities that can come along with production. During employment with one company, Hutson became engrossed in a court battle due to a client seeking private sole work from Hutson instead of the company. The company chose to take legal action against Hutson, but later dropped the charges, leaving Hutson to lose around $145,000 in court fees. Another upset occurred during the recession when Hutson’s employer was massively effected, leaving Hutson with the desire to begin his own production company. Hutson’s passion is what leaves the music industry yearning for his design and input. He is the first person to walk the venue on a daily basis and creates itemized detailed lists of the crew’s necessary functions. His attention to small details and the desire to mesmerize the attending audience is keeping Hutson at the peak of the tour production industry.

Hutson seems to have the production side of the music industry figured out. Even when it comes to being of a different mindset from other industry leaders, such as his views on employment which are as quoted in a blog interview, “Those with a positive outlook on life aren’t always the most talented. Besides, I think that you can train anyone to be talented.” With his college degrees to leading industry work references, Clayton Hutson is keeping his head held high in the music tour production industry.  Learn more:

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