Securus Technologies Ensuring Law Enforcement Agencies Perform Better With The Use of Advanced Investigative Technologies

Inmate communication services are very necessary for the correctional facilities as it helps the people who are incarcerated to talk to their loved ones on a regular basis. There are a separate system and network that is different from the standard network, which is used to help the inmates and their families to communicate with each other. One of the companies that excel in providing such services is Securus Technologies. The company started its operations in the year of 1986 and since then has made massive contributions to the field through its innovative and cutting-edge technologies and services.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, believes that inmate communication services are the right of the incarcerated people and also helps them relieve their stress caused due to isolation. In a way, it also helps in reducing the crime within the prison facilities. Securus Technologies currently provides its inmate communications and other associated services to over 3,000 prisons, and the count is increasing rapidly. It is because the company has been investing heavily in research and development to expand its service portfolio and reach out to further audience. In the past few years, Securus Technologies has spent close to $600 million for developing high-end inmate communications and crime prevention technologies and services. It would help in reducing the crime rate in the communities and empower the law enforcement agencies to perform better.


In a recent event, the company published a press release where it showcased a series of comments extracted from the letters and e-mails sent by the law enforcement officers. The letters spoke about how the company is helping in supporting their cause of reducing the crime rate in the society and keeping track of what the criminals are up to. The investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies is very advanced and is highly instrumental in crime prevention and evidence collection.

Reliable, and Affordable Correctional Products and Services- Securus Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the leading organizations that has been providing civil and criminal justice solutions for public security, observation, rectification, and investigation. Recently the correctional service provider announced the challenge it has presented to its main competitor GTL. The objection is to have an independent technology judge to determine which organization offers the best product and services to the correctional facilities in the United States of America. The independent judges will also decide which group offers refined telephone services, the best customer services, and the most efficient service and product provider.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, GTL has come up with facts to show that its goods and services are more like Securus Technologies’s. Richard wants to have an independent judge who will help evaluate their products both the telephone and customer care. Smith also mentioned that it would not be fair to evaluate Securus with GTL because of the investment the company has done for the last four or so years. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology said his firm had invested more than $700 to develop their technology, acquire companies, and also technology development, while on the other hand, their rival company GTL has spent just a small amount on the named areas.


  • Securus mentioned that it knows GTL’s products and it had the following statement for their product as well as services comparison.
  • Securus Technologies uses a larger set of product and services for their clients.
  • Securus has its domestic call center that is personnel by its employees and has call answers performance of about 600% than GTL.
  • Securus Technologies has created one of the world’s largest voice over Internet protocol calling program.
  • GTL has been contracting technicians from outside to carry out most of their work, while Securus has well-experienced technicians.

Securus have previously talked to clients who have left GTL, and according to them, Securus offers best customer services and products which are affordable and reliable.