Why Osteo Relief Institute is a go-to Clinic for Managing Osteoarthritis

Even though arthritis is a common condition, it is often misunderstood. In fact, it is used as a general term for joint disease or pain as opposed to a single disease. With over 100 varying types of arthritis, osteoarthritis has proven to be the most common. This arthritis condition is characterized by the disintegration of cartilage, which is the soft tissue between the joints.


Some of the risk factors for osteoarthritis comprise of previous injury, family history, excess weight, and age. Being a degenerative and incurable disease means that patients ought to consider self-management in reducing the scope and speed of the condition’s impact.


About Osteo Relief Institute


The New Jersey-based Osteo Relief Institute is an independently held body that boasts a team of qualified staff as far as communication and patient care are concerned. In fact, the professionals have top-in-line art equipment, which provides an edge when it comes to offering pain relief solution that is long lasting to their patients. Since the institute’s technology is cleared for use and FDA approved, osteoarthritis patients cannot lack a solution to meet their needs.


Physical therapists and board-certified physicians at Osteo Relief Institute hold a firm belief that patients ought to be treated like family members (LinkedIn). For this reason, the number one objective for these experts involves helping patients avert surgery by providing effective and safe treatments. Each of the institute’s location is not only independently owned but also highly trained in patient-centered communication and care.


For treatment purposes, Osteo Relief Institute provides a groundbreaking combination of cleared and FDA approved treatments and techniques that are charted and tracked to evaluate relief and progress. The techniques used include videofluoroscopy, all-natural joint lubrication injections, advanced biomechanical bracing procedures, and non-grueling knee and spine strengthening. Additionally, each treatment plan is tailored to meet each patient’s needs.


The advanced techniques utilized by Osteo Relief Institute are useful in restoring normal biomechanics. They also help in strengthening lasting comfort and relief, maintaining healthy joint mobility, and providing natural knee and disc cushioning to promote the healing process. Furthermore, numerous leading insurance companies and Medicare cover most of Osteo Relief Institute’s treatments.

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