The RealReal opens second store in Los Angeles

The RealReal is an online shopping app that is opening its second store in Los Angeles, California. The company launched in 2011 and it has only continued to grow by expanding into building physical stores. The RealReal has another store located in New York City and will be adding another in Los Angeles. The brand has been making more money to be able to afford to open another physical store and it is testing the results of it and plans to open more stores in the future according to the CEO Julie Wainwright. It is not a surprise though that some retail stores have not been doing well, but the article believes that the reason is that they are not offering anything special. On the other hand, the RealReal is offering something different with high luxury brands to customers. The CEO believes that customers just want good quality products and that is enough to thrive as a business, along with offering something special. The new store in LA is huge measuring in at 12,000 square feet and is next to many other prestigious brands. The new store will contain handbags, a men’s section, and a cafe that serves coffee, juices, pastries, and salads. It will contain more than just clothing and other products. The RealReal store will also feature a lot of assistance from specialists and who could repair products. People can also sell their belongings there too. The RealReal is looking to build other stores, although, they need to find ones that have adequate space for it. Other online companies have equally been thinking about opening their own stores. Revenue for the online market has only soared with technology and the internet with a lot of money to be made. It is expected to grow by the billions according to the cnbc article. The RealReal in the near future could become a threat to other famous stores.

Why Fabletics Decided to Take on Amazon for Increased Brand Recognition

Fabletics today is a profitable fashion company known for its sassy activewear clothing for modern women. Last November, Fabletics decided to take on Amazon for increased brand recognition among females that preferred clothes shopping solely on this revered shopping site. The fashion company’s plan seems to be working. More customers are browsing and purchasing this brand’s unbelievable athleisure wear that conveys a decidedly feminine flirtatious flair. Most American women lead busy lives that keep them constantly on-the-go. Fabletics fashions are designed to fit into these women’s lifestyles perfectly. As comfortable clothing options, Fabletics cute styles also demand attention anywhere that they are worn.


Kate Hudson is the powerful, but petite, force behind Fabletics. She laughs about her once almost famous life as a movie and television show actress. Today, Kate prefers her famed new lifestyle as a hip and successful fashion designer and business entrepreneur. When it was hard to find satisfactory workout gear in the 1990’s, Kate decided to evaluate why. She found that even those activewear styles that were available were consistently priced too high for most to consider purchasing. As a result, Kate co-founded the now profitable Fabletic’s fashion line to change this trend. This sensationally fitting activewear company sells its fine and nicely stylish fashions for a low and reasonable price tag.


To find out what Fabletic’s styles would look best on your individually unique body frame and color complexion, take the phenomenal Lifestyle Quiz for quick answers that give customers several current Fabletic’s clothing style recommendations. Every gal should determine her best color selections, cut of design choices and most flattering design details. Fabletics offers true classic styles that are easy-on, easy-care and easy to stay comfortable in. These fashions move effortlessly from breakfast rush hour to nighttime wind down routines. While these outfits are first designed for activity, they also give the wearer comfortable clothing choices to wear all throughout each busy day.


More customers are recognizing Fabletics styles, and the brand is currently a popular clothing selection. As most women lead full and exceptionally busy lives, having suitable athleisure wear choices is a huge relief. Women that land at the Fabletics shopping site will find a great offer to take up their Lifestyle Quiz challenge game. This is how the brand teaches women the art of proper athleisure shopping methods. Now, customers have the tools to find their ideal fit, colors and designs.

The Smart and Practical Marketing Strategies of Fabletics

When going to the gym, you can notice that there is a significant chance that a significant percentage of the girls working out in that gym are using fitness clothes from the famous brand “Fabletics.

If you are in the business, you probably heard of Fabletics, or if you are a woman who likes to work out and use vivid colors when doing so.

However, for most men, this brand is new to them. What is Fabletics? They’ve never heard of it.

The truth is: Fabletics is one of the most successful companies in recent history, pairing the overtime success of brands like Amazon and Uber, but in a different industry. Fabletics is ruling the fitness apparels industry, and they are bound to stay on top of that field for decades to come.

It all started with the wrong marketing strategies of the fitness companies that came before Fabletics. For some reason, most of them focused on providing clothes that had good fabric and that had a good price tag that would prove that their products were of great value to the consumer. That was never the problem.

However, there were designers missing in these companies, especially female designers, to point out how their work-out outfits were missing color and variety.

Because of how the public of Fabletics is entirely the female customer base, they had no problem in investing a big chunk of their resources in variety, variety, variety. Most other brands focused on two or three variations of the same clothing to save on machines and time of production, but they lost their clients to the hundreds-of-different-styles Fabletics, the new king of the fitness clothing market.

Another genius marketing move from the creators and founders of the Fabletics brand is the decision to leave physical stores to the side.

It is important to notice that most Americans prefer to buy from the internet these days, even because of the lower prices and how you can compare different products with more practicality, as well as find exactly what you want from a few clicks away.

Physical stores were a bonus, but not the main focus of Fabletics thought the business developers of the company. The biggest investment of the team would be to make the brand as appealing as possible to the clients who prefer to buy through the internet. On top of that, they also wanted to encourage those who are uneasy to use the internet for shopping to give it a shot. For that, they used the reverse showroom technique, which encourages people to find the best prices for their products online and still guarantee the safety of the official website.

In addition to all of these successful decisions from the team of Fabletics, they also decided to hire the celebrity Kate Hudson, which is also a big nerd when it comes to the fashion world.

With the help of Kate Hudson, the company skyrocketed. Every woman who was used to using bland colors in their clothes for going to the gym decided that Fabletics was a better option because of how it complimented their different personalities.

Kate Hudson: Winning with Fabletics

Over the years, Kate Hudson’s fashion sense has become world-renowned. She’s one of the most popular fashion icons in the world. Recently, she’s become a leader for health and fitness. Staying in shape is not only important to the actress; it’s become important to society in general.

Part of society’s obsession with health and fitness is fashion. As more companies produce their own brands of ‘activewear’, more people are taking notice. Activewear is especially preferred by millennials, who love it for its fitness functionality and casual comfort. Fabletics is the only brand focused on created functional activewear that is also stylish and affordable.

Thanks to Kate Hudson’s fashion sense and business prowess, Fabletics is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. She’s grown that company into a $250 million business. Fabletics has even figured out a way to use a subscription mechanic to make its members feel individually noticed.

Making its members feel special is an important part of Kate’s philosophy. She was always told by her mother to believe in what she’s doing and believe in herself. It’s important to Kate that each of Fabletic’s members has that same feeling about their fashion choices.

It’s that kind of mind-set that made Fabletics what it is today; one of the best high-value brands on the planet. Fabletics has every quality the modern consumer wants for their brand. Now, Fabletics has taken their success to a new level and begun opening physical stores.

The challenges of opening any type of retail store are hard enough, but transitioning from the e-commerce market to local markets offers its own challenges. The most obvious factor is people’s love of shopping online from cheaper stores. It’s referred to as “showrooming”. To combat that negative trend, Fabletics turned it into a positive.

Fabletics welcomes people to their stores to look around. Each store hosts events to build relationships with local members and get to know the rest of the local markets. This allows them to fill their shelves with items that local members will like.

As promoted, the best part of Fabletics is its low prices. One non-sponsored reviewer stated that members can usually get two or three items from Fabletics for the same price as one pair of leggings from expensive brands.