MB2 Dental Taking Care of the Head in the Headaches of Running Dental Practices

Let’s face it, haven’t we all found ourselves up all night biting into a clove or unconsciously overdosing on painkillers just to avoid visiting a dentist? Well, a few of us, no scratch that, all of us associate dentist with excruciating pain, drab office with equally blank walls and uninspired staff. No humor or life in there. MB2 is here to change that perception, according to its latest press release. MB2 Dental recently launched a video on YouTube titled “We are Dentistry,” a short documentary, that shows the lives of dentist outside their practices. Dentists are humans with passions, hobbies and happy families with a strong sense of humor and compassion. Dentists are people we can relate to and learn to look forward to their “Dates.”


Chris Steven Villanueva, a dentist, established MB2 in 2009. MB2’s core business is helping doctors manage their practices as the dentist continues with clinical aspect of treating patients. What MB2 Dental does is to help run the practice by offering dental management services. They take care of the business side of the practice while the doctors manage patients and clinical anatomy. Any sole proprietor will agree that it’s not an easy task balancing both business and offering excellent, satisfactory services to a patient, while still upholding the integrity of the profession.


Chris developed MB2 Dental based on the concept that doctors can work together to care of other physicians. The approach allows a dentist to manage another dentist practice, by offering support and growth while still growing the bottom line. Dr. Chris combines the best of the corporate and the private practice side and comes up with tailored solutions for each dental practice. MB2 takes care of nonclinical matters such as legal, Recruitment and staff management, IT, compliance, payroll, and billing, etc.


As of date, MB2 has 70 affiliate offices in 6 states and over 500 employees. MB2 Dental has its headquarters at Carrolton, Texas. In 2014, MB2 collaborated with The CDI Group and developed a Priority Dental Plan. This partnership looks at offering affordable plans for the growing no of clients that visit MB2 affiliate offices.


Chris believes that the success of MB2 lies in not micromanaging but letting both the management and employees work productively. Developing a customized IT software system is key to success in this line of business. Dr. Chris is a tech guru and is keen with technological innovations that have helped revolutionized dentistry.