Rocketship Education: Focusing on the Students Growth and Progress

Rocketship Education is one of the leading alternative education centers in the United States today. The number of their branches all across the United States is multiplying at a fast rate. Parents would love to enroll their children in a Rocketship Education affiliated school because of the unique method that they are using in educating their students. Parents have pointed out that the schools under Rocketship Education do not grade their students based on their performance alone, but they are also grading them based on other factors. Parents have also loved the fact that Rocketship Education is putting an emphasis on their children’s talent and skills, and developing it further for their future careers. According to the management of Rocketship Education, they know that not everyone would become the best when it comes to academics. They also had to hone the talent of future artists, musicians, and athletes so that they can contribute something to the nation when they grow older.

Another technique being used by schools under Rocketship Education is the approach wherein the parents and the community is being included in their learning process. Rocketship Education released several applications that can be used at school and home to monitor the progress of the students and to provide them with an additional platform on how they could learn better. With the parents being included in the learning process, the children are expected to score better on their exams, and they are also expected to participate well in school activities.

It is essential for a student enrolled in schools under Rocketship Education to develop their growth scores. This is the ultimate scale to determine whether a student made it big when it comes to their performances. The teachers wanted to monitor their students’ progress, so they also make time to go to their students’ homes and observe what kind of lifestyle the children are being brought into. They would have to record what they have experienced to create a personalized approach to how they would be teaching the students. Rocketship Education stated that they are still expanding, and they will be opening new branches soon.