OSI Food Solutions has a plan for Longevity

OSI Food Solutions has survived for over 100 years for quite a few reasons. First, they have cemented partnerships with some of the biggest names in fast food. Second, they aren’t afraid to take risks in order to expand. One example of their risk taking is their willingness to buy out smaller companies.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch food production company. The company produces deli meats and snacks, and it is now under the ownership of OSI.

Baho Foods has several subsidiaries under its umbrella, and these companies are now the property of OSI as well. Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, and Henri van de Bilt are all now property of OSI.

Two other recent acquisitions by OSI Food Solutions are Flagship Europe and an old Tyson production plant in Illinois. All three of these acquisitions will help OSI expand and become even bigger than currently.

Baho Foods is excited about the merger as well.

“I am excited about becoming part of the larger OSI Group,” said John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Food. To know more about the company click here.

The staff over at Baho Food will remain employed under new ownership. They recognize that the merger will enable them to grow further.

Unlike most large production plants, OSI Food Solutions goes above and beyond when it comes to environmental management. In fact, they received an award from the British Safety Council for their efforts. The Globe of Honour was awarded to OSI and 17 other companies in 2016. The event, which took place at Drapers’ Hall in London, marked the second time that OSI received the prestigious award.

OSI Food Solutions has been able to grow, expand, and up production, all while remaining thoughtful of the environment.

One example of OSI upping production happened in Spain in 2017. Prior to the change, the Toledo, Spain plant was only producing 12,000 tons of chicken annually; now they are producing over 24,000 tons of chicken. This change also brought 20 new jobs to the factory, upping employment numbers from 140 to 160.

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