Alastair Borthwick- A Lost Chapter in Writing about Mountaineering

Alastair Borthwick, a well-known writer has been making up literature mostly about mountaineering. It is important to mention that most of his work got recognition because of his extraordinary writing skills. He has the flair for capturing minute details about the subject of mountaineering in a decent manner. There are no flaws in his writing and he can be considered an epitome of creating marvelous pieces of literature. Although he is no more alive, his work keeps him alive in the hearts of the people.

His experience in army had taught him great many things about life. He learnt how to deal with the atrocities of life by being brave. It helped him become a better person than he was before. This reflection of army training can be visible in his pieces of writing where author Alastair Borthwick can be seen as an adventurer. It was his great expertise at military setup that he was able to write anecdotes about it in his books.

The work of Alastair Borthwick is also characteristic of the glimpses of mountaineering that he had gone through. Thus, he was able to give interesting accounts of his own experiences as a mountaineer. It helps the reader sift through the text smoothly and keeps them anxiously waiting for more.

In an article from the Chronicle Week, it says that one of the most astounding features of his writing is that he has put his own experiences in an exciting manner into his work. He has gone through various upheavals in his lifetime and it can be reflected in the work he produced for others. It is important to mention that he has received various medals of achievement in his life that gave proof of the struggle he had gone through.

This entire struggle made him someone whom others can get benefit from and learn a lot from. These qualities have also made a better writer out of him. In other words, sometimes life throws you things that are actually to make you a better person. It happened with him also that he learned from his challenges that paved the road for him to become a superb writer. Hence, this is the reason for his evergreen writing and amazing authorship.

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Robert Ivy Says That Professional Organizations Are Essential For Career Growth

Professional societies play an important role in one’s career progression. They boost the chances of getting a job that matches your expectations, and they make you stand out in the job market. How? Following are the typical ways through which the organizations can help you advance your career.

1. Professional organizations help you build your authority
Have you been looking for exceptional ways to create your authority? If yes, joining a professional society would help you. Most hiring managers prefer candidates with an affiliation to professional organizations over those who don’t belong to any community.

Why? Professional organizations encourage their members to obtain necessary licenses, certifications, code of ethics, insurance cover, and other basic requirements required to practice legitimately.

2. Professional organizations boost your employ-ability
Robert Ivy argues that joining a professional organization would be an excellent way to increase your employability. Professional societies organize various networking events that connect people with a shared dream. The networking events help like-minded people to establish relationships that can lead to work partnerships.

Besides networking, some professional organizations equip their members with insightful tips that hone their job hunting skills. On the other hand, the societies offer their members access to various job boards.

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3. Professional societies offer an excellent learning opportunity
Robert Ivy recommends professional societies to recruits who need to refresh their skills. Many Professional organizations manage an archive of current learning materials that help its members to stay updated with their profession’s changing trends.

Ivy argues that accessing a professional organization’s knowledge base is quicker and cheaper than steering your research.

How would you identify the right professional society for your profession?
Choosing the right society from the multiple options out there can be a challenging task. However, Mr. Ivy recommends that you should look around for an organization that promises to connect you to your peers, as well as market you to prospect employees. You can ask friends or colleagues to propose a good organization.

About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is an accomplished architect. He is the author of famous Fay Jones book. He is the brain behind successful publishing firms like the Architectural Record. He designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

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Gobuyside talent platform

Gobuyside is a platform which specializes in working with diverse private equity firms, advisory platforms, and managers who would want to invest. It supports over 500 companies or organizations in the world. The team has competent professionals who are capable of forming good relations in the market and this makes the clients have confidence in them. However, this firm faces some challenges. In recent years, there has been a competition of talents which are fresh in the industry. Many companies want to employ competent workers who are capable of handling their work professionally. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Due to this shortage of talents gobuyside faces competition from other companies who also want to employ these rare talents. Investment managers have reported this as a major problem. However, this can be solved by assigning the task to a competent investment manager who will be able to find and recruit investment talent. Gobuyside also faces the problem of networking whereby entrepreneurs find a challenge in using social media due to time. Many entrepreneurs value their time therefore hardly find time to go through the social media platforms to check for people who need to be hired. The solution to this is that new recruits should find companies which don’t rely on social media to do most of the recruitment work.


Diversity also proves to be a problem in the gobuyside platform. Many investment managers do not take diversity into consideration while hiring employees. This can be solved by giving the job to investment managers who clearly understand this challenge and have principles of diversity in employment. Technological problems is another problem facing gobuyside platform. This technological problems are disruptive and also to a challenge to recruiting new talents. This can be solved by recruiting investment manager who is able to handle technological issues. Truly, gobuyside is a platform that has given a job to competent and capable talents all over the world. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.