The RealReal opens second store in Los Angeles

The RealReal is an online shopping app that is opening its second store in Los Angeles, California. The company launched in 2011 and it has only continued to grow by expanding into building physical stores. The RealReal has another store located in New York City and will be adding another in Los Angeles. The brand has been making more money to be able to afford to open another physical store and it is testing the results of it and plans to open more stores in the future according to the CEO Julie Wainwright. It is not a surprise though that some retail stores have not been doing well, but the article believes that the reason is that they are not offering anything special. On the other hand, the RealReal is offering something different with high luxury brands to customers. The CEO believes that customers just want good quality products and that is enough to thrive as a business, along with offering something special. The new store in LA is huge measuring in at 12,000 square feet and is next to many other prestigious brands. The new store will contain handbags, a men’s section, and a cafe that serves coffee, juices, pastries, and salads. It will contain more than just clothing and other products. The RealReal store will also feature a lot of assistance from specialists and who could repair products. People can also sell their belongings there too. The RealReal is looking to build other stores, although, they need to find ones that have adequate space for it. Other online companies have equally been thinking about opening their own stores. Revenue for the online market has only soared with technology and the internet with a lot of money to be made. It is expected to grow by the billions according to the cnbc article. The RealReal in the near future could become a threat to other famous stores.

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