Organo Gold: Connecting the Coffee Connoisseur to Every Cup

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and specializes in the manufacture of unique coffee products and wellness supplements. Direct Selling News ranked Organo Gold 55 in the top network marketing companies in 2013. View Organo Gold’s profile on The United States coffee culture has been growing rapidly since the 1960’s. In the 1980’s West Coast cities caught a taste for the expanding market setting the bar high for independent entrepreneurs. No longer is coffee simply a morning ritual kept behind closed doors, it has become a social icon and a way to exercise personal expression. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland are reshaping the coffee culture by offering increasing varieties of coffee venues and coffee products. The city of Portland for instance now boasts over 30 coffee roasters and offers coffee drive-ins. In today’s coffee culture each consumer is a connoisseur of the perfect blend, roast, or pour of their choosing which presents infinite combinations for companies to strive to deliver.


Organo recognizes the importance of a superior product by offering products with natural ingredients an that have been farmed organically. For those interested in the financial opportunity of today’s coffee culture, Organo also offers independent business opportunity through Consumers can purchase products directly from or become independent distributers and then supply neighborhood baristas or offer automated shipping for home brewing. Some of the unique products Organo Gold offers are coffee brews, flavored beverages, teas, and single serve brews. In terms of beauty products, Organo Gold supplies mycelium, nutritional shakes, spore powder, beauty bars, and grapeseed oil. Organo is also the only producer of a blend of instant coffee that contains ganoderma lucidum spore powder. Organo Gold understands that coffee and health and beauty products have become more than lackluster purchases or regimens and seek to distribute precious treasures around the globe. Follow Organo Gold on

Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics & Cancer Research

The fight against cancer has been waging for over a century. This deadly disease can manifest its ugly head from a number of internal organs such as the liver, the lungs and the prostate. Unfortunately, millions of people have lost their lives thanks to this disease, but the 21st century is yielding better results. Thanks to all of the advancements in technology, cancer has been rocked with a strong blow. These technologies have helped to produce cancer-fighting medications that are much more effective. Dr. Clay Siegall stands at the forefront of this progressive movement, and he has a long history of success. Dr. Siegall is a man of many acts. Many of his peers refer to him as being a doctor, a businessman, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur.

Dr. Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. This oncology company studies and manipulates human antibodies. Seattle Genetics’ drug portfolio is immense, and it has at least 20 advanced drugs in its pipeline. Out of the 20 drugs, four are 100 percent ready to hit the market. “It takes time before a drug can get FDA-approved,” said Siegall. As of now, Seattle Genetics is earning huge profits from its flagship drug. ADCETRIS has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. This targeted-cancer treatment is being used all around the globe, and it’s saving lives. Dr. Siegall has worked hard at securing multiple licensing deals with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in today’s society.

This extraordinary man currently holds at least 15 patents, and he has written up to 70 publications. What more could anyone ever ask for from a doctor/scientist? To be perfectly honest, Dr. Clay Siegall is definitely doing a fantastic job to better mankind, but bigger things are certainly on the horizon.

Sussex Healthcare’s Leadership and Growth.

The organization has been operating for more than two decades. The facilities set up by the firm are meant to take care of the elderly members of the society and other individuals that may require special attention from medical practitioners. The organization is headed by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The duo co-chairs the board meetings. The two leaders are experienced in management. Boghani is a successful hotelier while Sachedina is a professional medical practitioner. The two skills make the duo the best team to offer the direction for the operations of Sussex Healthcare. The company has won several prestigious awards for its efforts to serve the older adults.

Over the years, the management has strived to increase expand the facilities to increase the availability of the services to more individuals in the country. The various institutions under Sussex Healthcare have been modernized to ensure that the individuals in the facilities keep fit. One of the installations that have been put in place for that purpose includes a modern gym and other structures for leisure activities. The firm also offers daycare services to the individuals. For those people that may require full-time care, the facilities have residential rooms. Other than the elder people, the organization also admits younger people with special needs. For example, young adults with neurological or cognitive problems.

The management at Sussex Healthcare understands that for the facility to achieve its objectives. It has to use the services of professional individuals. After the recruitment process, the firm ensures that all the workers are regularly trained on the best ways to help the individuals who need medical help. Remuneration plays a key role in motivating the employees of a firm. The management of Sussex Healthcare offers competitive compensation packages to their personnel. The organization gives the residents hope to live healthy and happier lives. To promote the health of the residents of the facility, the firm hires highly skilled chefs who prepare the meals according to the special needs of each individual. Earlier this year, the firm revealed that there would be another Chief Executive Officer. She was expected to lead the company in a new direction by the use of innovative strategies that give it a competitive advantage.