The leadership at InnovaCare Health seen majorly through Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare Health is a medical facility that aims to improve the pharmaceutical sector in the society. Its goals are to see many people access the medical healthcare and get quality medication. Therefore, the facility is made using modern technology to create accommodation for many people. It has private consultation rooms that enable privacy when undergoing consultations.

One of the main factors that have triggered the growth of the company is the presence of excellent and qualified leaders. For instance, the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto, is a medical practitioner who is skilled and knowledgeable. Through experience, he has grown to be a good leader as he ensures all operations get done according to the outlined vision and mission.

The presence of other subordinate leaders has played a significant role in its growth. For example, the one in charge of the operation department is Penelope Kokkinides who displays her leadership qualities to the maximum. Having worked in many organizations including several government programs, she is skilled and has appropriated the boosting of the healthcare.

Sometime back she got the privilege to attend a special meeting with Donald Trump as one leader selected. The purpose of the meeting was to implement health issues to provide better services to the public. Penelope is becoming an opportunity to display the strategies that would enable provision of quality health services in Puerto Rico.

According to her as the representative, she believes the services will be of quality only when made accessible to as many people as possible. Several factors would make Medicare accessible one being a reduction of medical prices in the region. When medical services are reduced, many people in the area will get proper medical attention with InnovaCare especially since it is accommodative regarding technology and it got a good team of workers.

Secondly, Penelope Kokkinides suggested the need to accommodate more medical cards in the company. The permission to do this will enable different people to use their cards to access medical services at InnovaCare Health. It will bring a sense of relief for those who felt left out due to the cards they use hence will attract more people to acquire their services at the facility.

Besides, the coming of many people will mean that people with diverse medical problems will be available. Therefore, to curb lack of accessibility to healthcare, there should be the introduction of more equipment. The technology should be improved to allow more treatment and medication for more illness by improving the services provided for the people in the region.


The Food Services Giant You Never Knew: OSI Industries

The average American has eaten food processed by OSI Industries at least once in his life. The company has been around for over a hundred years and supplies food to hundreds of thousands of restaurants, but the average person may not even know it exists.

Otto Kolschowsky first opened his doors of his meat market and butcher shop in 1909. His initial success led him to entering the wholesale market and his sons and their successors have grown his little meat market into a huge, multinational corporation with sales of $6.1 billion in 2016.

Serendipity played a big role in the company’s early years when – prior to opening his first McDonald’s in 1955 in nearby Des Plaines, Illinois – Ray Kroc made an agreement with Otto & Sons to be his hamburger supplier. The strong relationship between Otto & Sons, now run by the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, and the fast-growing McDonald’s corporation fueled the company’s success and growth in the 20th century.

Otto & Sons evolved into OSI Industries over the decades, and has since added other huge multinational chains – such as Starbucks, Burger King and Subway – to its client list. Through joint venture partnerships and acquisitions, OSI Industries has expanded into the Asian and European markets and is now processing meat – and other foods – in plants around the world.

Both Otto & Sons and OSI Industries have long been pioneers of cutting-edge technology. Early adopters of flash-freezing food and cryogenic food processing enabled Otto & Sons to become McDonald’s primary meat supplier throughout the restaurant’s rapid expansion. OSI Industries has continued this focus on new technology, and has leveraged it to expand into non-meat products such as salsa, beans and vegetables. In addition, it recently opened two Culinary Innovation Centers to enhance its research and development (R&D), to drive the addition of OSI Industries food products and to develop new food-processing capabilities.

The company is currently focusing on how best to maintain the sustainability of the global supply chain and monitoring the environmental impacts of processing and transporting food around the world. And the world is taking note: recently acknowledging the company’s efforts with awards in both the United States and abroad for its environmental efforts.

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