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Managing your power bills is a significant way of cutting down your total annual expenditure. Many consumers lose a significant amount of money every year to hidden energy costs. Have you ever received a surprising electricity bill for your home or office? Many would definitely say yes. Once in a while you get to be presented with a bill that is seriously higher than anticipated. It’s now possible to avoid this: thanks to Stream Energy’s usage control tools and tips.



It is important to understand that a great part of these hidden costs is contributed by household gadgets. Please note that Household electronics continue to consume power whenever they are plugged in. This is regardless of whether they are on standby or in use. The little energy they consume on a standby mode gradually amounts to a shocking power bill by end of the month. It is therefore recommended that you completely shut off all the electrical devices whenever they are not in use.



It is interesting to note that keeping your entertainment system shut when not in use can save you up to $130 annually. A similar response to a DVR saves about $36 and $1 to a coffee maker just to list a few. Remain in the light through weekly energy reports and avoid consumption surprises as result of a phantom drain.



Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based firm and a leading provider of various services in the global energy market. Established in 2005, Stream provides energy, protective, wireless, and home services across the United States.



From its Dallas headquarter, the company provides customized energy services in Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Georgia, and New Jersey just to mention a few. Through its multi-level marketing model, the company allows its associates to earn commissions from either selling products and services to consumers or bringing new associates on board.



Under the leadership of Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki as co-founders and Larry Mondry as president and CEO, Stream has generated over $8 billion in revenue since its inception (YouTube). It remains a leader among the direct selling companies in the business world. Currently, has about 500 employees, the company has been projected to continue its growth and expansion in the global market.

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